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NEARLY three-quarters of buyers want to visit a dealership as part of their next car buying journey, although a small minority are considering buying online. 

These are among the findings of JudgeService’s newly published State of the Nation Industry Report 2021 which polled the views of 2,150 car owners, who have purchased within the last three years, to identify consumer attitudes towards buying post-lockdown.

The survey reveals 73% of respondents are happy to visit a showroom, provided adequate social distancing measures are in place.

Despite the rise of high-profile digital disruptors and dealers offering online purchasing platforms, just 10% of respondents plan to buy their next car either through click and collect or click and delivery. Both options appeal most to buyers aged between 36-45 where 13% said they are likely to use one of these services.

Neil Addley, managing director of JudgeService, said: “Our findings challenge the popular view that younger buyers are more likely to buy a car online, either by delivery or click and collect. However, the actual results couldn’t be more different as a clear majority of buyers, across all age groups, want to visit a showroom in person to buy their next car.

“While remote buying was the only way to transact during the lockdowns, consumers say they still want to visit showrooms, especially those with social distancing measures still in place, demonstrating the importance of viewing and test driving cars and interacting with sales executives before purchasing.” 

The research also found 81% of car owners want to change their vehicle as soon they can, prompting JudgeService to urge dealers to engage with existing customers to maximise on this opportunity.

Addley said: “Dealers across the UK should use their databases to contact customers who have bought cars within the last 36 months to reap the benefits of these opportunities. Invite them down to the dealership, offer them a Covid-safe test drive and nurture that relationship between dealer and customer again and again.”



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