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HYUNDAI Motor Europe is launching its first Brand Space on Amazon, aiming to redefine digital engagement and customer-centricity.

Hyundai’s Brand Space is an innovative digital environment within the Amazon store that offers customers the opportunity to learn more about Hyundai and engage with content related to the brand’s heritage, technological advancements, and commitment to sustainability all in one place.

With the new Brand Space, Hyundai aims to introduce new audiences to the brand, as well as drive awareness and consideration in customers navigating the popular store. Hyundai seeks to foster brand affinity among potential customers and interact with them within a familiar environment.

The first country to roll out Hyundai’s Brand Space on its local Amazon page will be Germany in April 2024.

Andreas-Christoph Hofmann, Vice President Marketing, Product and PR, Hyundai Motor Europe, said: “Our collaboration with Amazon represents Hyundai’s strong commitment to meet customers’ demands on a channel they are already familiar with. By leveraging Amazon’s reach and the trust consumers have in the store, we are bringing Hyundai directly to customers’ fingertips, offering them the possibility to learn about our brand and vision and be guided to our local websites for more product details.”

To guide Amazon customers through their journey, Hyundai uses various touchpoints, such as display ads in the Amazon store, which will direct customers to the Brand Space. Within the space, customers can explore content on the brand and its product line-up, with opportunities to navigate to local Hyundai websites to interact with its digital car configurator or even schedule a test drive at local dealerships.


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