Tim Smith
Tim Smith, GForces
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GFORCES has launched an new brand identity and website as it responds to fast-growing demand from dealers for e-commerce platforms and digital innovation.

GForces is focused on helping dealers deliver the end-to-end user experiences that connected consumers expect. It can call on industry intelligence from billions of aggregated consumer interactions facilitated by existing its technologies.

The company is developing new products and services that ensure automotive retailers are ready for the widely anticipated growth in e-commerce.

The refreshed branding and digital identity coincides with the launch of the new GForces NetDirector Auto-e platform. This builds on GForces’ digital technology and is supported by open collaboration with industry service partners.

It provides businesses with the digital infrastructure to support complete online buying across multiple channels.

Tim Smith, Group Strategy Director, said: “There’s been a lot of hype about online car buying and automotive e-commerce, but now we are at the tipping point and its becoming real. 

“Growing numbers of consumers are ready to purchase a car online but most dealers are not yet equipped to deliver the blended, omni-channel retail experience. GForces has been building towards what we thought was the inevitable outcome for many years.

“Through our NetDirector Transact software, we are delivering safe, secure and cost-effective online environments for dealers to sell cars online.”

The new website showcases the latest innovations from GForces and allows visitors to explore the company’s full product line up – from smart configurator software to its service booking widget. 


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