Condition of used stock is improving

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Getting hold of stock has been a tough-to-solve issue for used car dealers since the pandemic, with stalling new car production meaning the number of vehicles in circulation has fallen. However, what we have seen this month is a jump in the number of dealers who say the situation is improving across a number of metrics including condition, age and general supply of stock.

Worries over agency model almost doubled in past month

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Paul Burgess, CEO at Startline Motor Finance, said that for most of this year, around 20% of dealers have mentioned the agency model as a challenge but there has been a definite increase this month. Why this has happened is not clear, but it may just be that the full implications of manufacturer plans to attempt to manage their vehicles in the used market for a longer period of time – into second and third lives – are becoming more obvious.”

Younger, cheaper, better stock expected by car dealers next year

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New research shows that 63% say the condition of cars available will improve, 60% that they will be newer and 57% that prices will be lower. In addition, improved availability of cars of all ages is being forecasted, with 47% saying that supply will improve for 1-3 year old models, 62% for 4-7 years and 58% for eight years and over.

Vehicle values and prices set to fall by more than 10% in 2023

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Latest research also asked dealers what they thought would be the biggest challenge facing them during the New Year. The cost of living crisis was the top response at 85%, followed by continuing poor vehicle supply (66%), stricter motor finance criteria (38%), reduced motor finance availability (32%) and demand for electric vehicles (26%).

Lower prices needed to attract people into used car market

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Startline Used Car Tracker also looked at the impact of the current cost of living crisis on how people were buying used cars. Almost six out of 10 (58%) said they were much more conscious of monthly costs while 30% reported they had less money to use as a deposit and 21% that they were more likely to use their own savings.

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