How to use this report and calculator

This report is intended to give you a useful measure of the market rate for the role you are currently working in. Clearly all individual situations are unique, so please only use this as a guide and not a definitive "this is the exact market rate".

The report is based on Motor Trade Selection's in depth knowledge of industry pay scales, dating back to 1971, and the responses to the survey on line.

The end result will be a report confirming your answers, calculating your salary and giving some background data on how we have arrived at our results.

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Operating Volume

Please only enter details against those departments which come under your control. EG a General Manager for a dealer with a bodyshop may enter in each of the fields, but an Aftersales Manager might only enter service and parts and a Sales Manager only the vehicle sales volumes that come under their control.

Vehicle Sales
New, used and fleet that you control
Number of operatives under your control
Parts Department
Sales turnover you are responsible for
Service Department
Number of operatives under your control

Environment and Market

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Level of responsibility - tick ONE box

Please choose the job title/role closest to your role and then make a single selection to reflect your level of responsibility.

Group Directors and/or Dealer Principals

 Full responsibility for all aspects

  • setting objectives
  • deciding company policy
  • funding the business
  • gaining acceptable return on investment

No supervision beyond normal board meetings - Normally only applicable to managing director, senior divisional director or 'owner/driver'

 Responsibility for the business

  • full profit responsibility
  • changes of policy in consultation with senior
  • management but excluding the funding of the business

Regular board and management meetings periodic assessment of performance compared with agreed budgets - Normally applies to divisional or general manager positions

 Senior manager on site

  • reporting responsibility for all departments
  • departmental responsibility for one or more departments
  • limited influence over company policy

Regular onsite supervision periodic assessment of performance compared with agreed budgets - Normally applies to junior general or franchise manager positions


Senior Accountant
Full responsibility for all aspects of accounts and an active role in the management of the group or company. Regular board or management meetings assessment of performance against agreed targets for preparation of accounts.
Book Keeping Accountant
Responsibility only for preparing accurate figures. Consultation with superiors on adhoc basis.


Department Manager / Supervisor

Please make a single selection for the department you are responsibile for
Senior Manager
Responsibility for profits in line with policy directives, achieved through other managers or supervisors. Regular onsite supervision and periodic assessment of performance compared with agreed budgets.
Line Manager
Responsibility for profits in line with policy directives achieved through direct management of department. Consultation with superiors on adhoc basis.
Junior Manager/Supervisor
Day to day responsibility subject to consultation with superiors (a supervisor). Constant assessment of performance together with minimal management accounting information.

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