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ONLINE car marketplace YesAuto has announced a strategic partnership with digital automotive merchandising software business SpinCar.

With SpinCar’s immersive 360° WalkAround technology, over 3,000 UK dealerships signed up to YesAuto can increase their appeal to consumers with greater inventory interactivity and engagement now possible.

The strategic partnership has seen the online aggregator take further hassle out of the car buying process and change how consumers buy cars for good. The ability to see all aspects of the car online from every angle is possible thanks to SpinCar’s digital imagery technology.

It provides a 360° viewing experience of both the vehicle exterior and interior that’s similar to physically walking around and sitting in a used car. Now, with a single swipe, shoppers can spin a used car in a complete circle and fully examine it to ensure it is of high-quality and meets their requirements.

This includes the ability to pan and zoom in on critical areas of the vehicle to gain additional detail and high-resolution views. Embedded feature hotspots also visually highlight key vehicle details with clickable callouts that provide more information.

YesAuto has more than 3,205 dealerships across the UK, up from 1,559 signed up at YesAuto’s official UK launch in August 2020.

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