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VOLKSWAGEN Financial Services has given the green light to a variety of spring deals on Service Plans, including the newest aftercare package: All-in.

All-in is a one-stop-shop aftercare package that can be paid for upfront or via monthly instalments and includes the customer’s next two services, two MOTs, two years of Roadside Assistance and two years’ warranty.

At a time when the cost of living is increasing, Volkswagen Financial Services UK can announce several Service Plan discounts of up to 25% for customers who drive an eligible Volkswagen Group brand vehicle.

The limited-time offer locks customers into pricing fixed at today’s rates for up to three future services, whilst also spreading the cost over 24 months – making service costs more manageable.

The discounted plans are available from 28 March and run until Monday 2 May. Customers who drive a Volkswagen or Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle between 3-6 years old are entitled to a 25% discount* on an All-in plan, or 25% off Service Plans on vehicles 1-15 years old.

ŠKODA customers can also take advantage of a new spring offer, with 20% off* all new and used Service Plans if their vehicle is upto 15 years old. This covers upto three services depending which plan is bought. ŠKODA customers can also benefit from 20% off* the All-in aftercare package for cars between 3-6 years old.

For those who drive a SEAT, customers can get a 20% discount on Service Plans for vehicles between 1 and 15 years old, which covers the vehicle’s next two services. SEAT drivers can also take advantage of 20% off* the All-in aftercare package for cars between 3-6 years old.


The  car finance provider launched its innovative aftercare plan All-in with Volkswagen Group UK in 2021 to give customers whose vehicle is between 3-6 years old peace of mind, as well as save them time and money.

The All-in aftercare plan makes routine servicing and unexpected breakdowns easier to manage for customers, with all repairs carried out by highly-trained technicians from the brands’ retailer networks using genuine parts.

The plan’s various benefits are unlocked following a routine eligibility check (which must be completed and passed before the offer end date to benefit from the discount), and combine to give customers long-lasting peace of mind as well as significant overall savings versus buying all the elements separately.

MOTs and services can be completed in a single visit as part of the All-in plan, whilst the second service includes a full inspection too.

Additionally, the two years’ Roadside Assistance (provided by the AA) covers drivers travelling both in the UK and across Europe and entitles customers to repatriation, alternative travel and hotel accommodation for the driver and up to seven passengers if needed.

Mike Todd, Chief Executive at Volkswagen Financial Services UK, said: “I’m delighted that we’re able to offer customers these spring discounts to help people manage their vehicle finances at a time when the cost of living is increasing. The beauty of the All-in aftercare plan, which we created in conjunction with the brands of Volkswagen Group UK, is that it offers simplicity, affordability and customer convenience. Our collective ambition has always been to make ownership as easy and simple for as many people as possible and the All-in plan does exactly that; it offers customers more certainty over future servicing and repairs.”

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