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New CarWizz platform
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CARWIZZ is a new platform that enables automotive retailers to control online vehicle sales and significantly reduce ageing new car stock.

By only advertising list price figures for stock vehicles, CarWizz returns full control of negotiations and deal quality to retailers while also facilitating lower operating costs and informing future stock purchases.

Online buying trends have created expectations of immediacy among customers that can only be satisfied through physical stock rather than factory orders.

CarWizz focuses negotiations on a specific, readily-available vehicle rather than something any retailer of that marque can supply, leaving subscribers in a stronger negotiating position than would be the case with a referral from a brokerage site.

Michael Lowdell, co-founder of CarWizz, said: “the CarWizz platform bridges traditional and online retailing in a way that returns control of customer relationships to retailers and integrates negotiations within their existing sales processes.

“This combines the traditional online advantage of reaching an out-of-area audience without the disadvantage of committing to a near-cost or below-cost price.”

CarWizz can also lower operating costs during a difficult period for the industry. Restrictions around pre-registration volumes and a misalignment between supply of and demand for diesel-powered vehicles have increased stocking costs for retailers, while also obliging many to acquire additional storage facilities.

CarWizz ensures visibility of these stock vehicles to a far broader and more geographically diverse audience than possible if left in a showroom or storage compound, with the associated stock reduction lowering stocking and storage costs.

Lowdell added: “Interest charges up to £200 per month for every £50,000 of stock held represent a considerable operating cost for retailers of any size.

“Placing ageing stock through CarWizz makes it easy to see a strong return on investment.”

The per-site subscription model makes CarWizz a particularly attractive value proposition for retail groups seeking national coverage.


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