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Pendragon’s Pinewood business has scored a success with its Pinnacle DMS product, getting approval from the Hyundai network.The break through has been in the pipeline for some time, as Pinewood has worked to integrate Pinnacle with Hyundai’s ‘360 Workshop Automation’.

Neville Briggs, Managing Director at Pinewood Technologies PLC, added, “We’re proud to be the system of choice for many Hyundai dealers. We’re continuing to work with Hyundai and other manufacturers to provide ever closer integration and we’re really pleased to be able to offer the most comprehensive ‘360 Workshop Automation’ of any DMS in the UK market.”

Participating Hyundai dealers enjoy a workshop service history feed; providing a complete picture of customer interactions directly from Hyundai, and menu pricing; minimising data-entry time by drawing menu options directly from Hyundai’s systems.

Dominic Threlfall, Managing Director of Pebley Beach Motors, commented on the integration saying: “You can’t understate the time it saves.”

Briggs continued, “Pinnacle is a comprehensive system. It has an extensive feature-list and doesn’t require additional software or the associated costs. We believe in delivering features and efficiencies to dealers as well as value for money. For example, video, online VHC and showroom capabilities are all built-in, with handy Tech+ and Host+ apps for use on mobile devices. Increasing dealer profitability and giving customers the modern and seamless retail experience they expect, is something we take very seriously.”



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