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Pendragon’s Pinewood Technologies has enhanced its Pinnacle DMS by offering a variety of custom checklists for aftersales.

By not restricting dealers to using a single generic checklist, Pinewood aims to get their clients closer to a paperless process for aftersales. The multiple checklists offer dealers the flexibility to deal with different vehicle types (cars, motorcycles, trucks and trailers), technical checks (VHCs, manufacturer service checklists) and vehicle preparation (PDIs, manufacturer approved-used, dealer’s own used checklist etc.) in a single DMS solution.

Neville Briggs, UK Managing Director, commented, “With new features added every few weeks, we continue a 15-year tradition of providing free updates for our customers. This update provides a practical and incredibly flexible solution for many types of checks and is another example of our commitment to continuous innovation.”

Briggs explains, “Apart from more obvious uses, such as multi-brand dealers using specific manufacturer checklists for servicing, it’s also possible to link checklists to templates. It’s possible to get creative, as these are totally custom checklists. For example, you could have a lighting checklist within a template for emergency service vehicles, or a cranes checklist within a construction vehicles template. Trying to achieve this with a single generic checklist would be cumbersome at best. By managing checklist content for different types of checks, technicians can generate upsell opportunities to boost revenue.”


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