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PINEWOOD Technologies has launched an online training platform, allowing users to learn at their own convenience – wherever they want, whenever they want.

Video-based courses and quizzes teach and test users’ ability to carry out processes in Pinewood DMS. Learners can follow actions described in the videos on the DMS at the same time, cementing their understanding of various processes.

Neville Briggs, Managing Director at Pinewood, said that E-Learning is transforming the way people learn.

He added: “Online training allows our users to access courses designed specifically for their job roles – on desktops, tablets and mobile phones. Ranging from showroom courses for salespeople, to workshop courses for technicians, Pinewood’s E-Learning is a simpler, more effective way to learn about Pinewood DMS.

“E-Learning courses allow both current and new team members at dealerships to enhance and refresh their knowledge of Pinewood DMS.

“Users can watch videos and test their knowledge in areas of the system they have most contact with. Moreover, they can track their personal course progress and gain certificates on completion.”






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