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James Tew
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CAR van and motor cycle buyers can now reserve a vehicle for sale online out-of-dealership-hours thanks to a tool introduced in iVendi’s newly-launched CONVERT product.

The reservation feature allows a consumer to gain first refusal by making a small payment, removing the vehicle from sale for a specified period of time and alerting the retailer that a consumer intends to purchase.

Chief Executive James Tew, said: “Our research shows that consumers want to be given new tools that allow them to do more to progress their vehicle sale online. This is one of our answers to that desire.

“While we envisage the reservation feature being available at all times, most online vehicle shoppers browse during the evening when the dealership is closed and the ability to reserve allows those buyers to secure first refusal on the vehicle they want.

“This is one of those additions that sounds relatively simple but is very effective in use and the real world trials undertaken have delivered promising results.”

The reservation feature places no requirement to purchase on the consumer and, whether the sale goes ahead or not, the money will be refunded.

In the event that the purchase is made, a normal deposit will be taken by the retailer. The reservation fee and the time for which the vehicle is taken off sale are managed using the iVendi Platform.

Tew said: “A consumer who has placed a reservation on a vehicle is highly likely to buy, our trials have proven. This is a tool that we believe will be widely adopted across our user base very quickly and have a direct impact on vehicle sales.”

The reservation feature is part of iVendi’s new CONVERT product, launched this month and designed to turn website visitors into highly qualified leads by facilitating the process of transforming initial online consumer interest in a vehicle into a sale.

It provides a variety of new and proven tools including a finance calculator, consumer finance eligibility checking, multi-lender quoting, a stock engine which manages data accuracy in vehicle quoting, lead management, and finance product information and videos designed for consumers.


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