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A NEW video aimed at online car buyers has been introduced by iVendi and offered free to its dealer customer base for integration into their web sites and other digital sales channels.

The 90 second animation explains the concept of service plans to consumers unfamiliar with the product and follows others covering aftersales products including GAP financial shortfall, paint and fabric protection, wheel and tyre insurance, and vehicle warranties.

Chief Executive James Tew said: “We’ve been investing quite heavily in helping dealers to sell more aftersales products online following the pandemic because we believe it is an area where there is considerable potential.

“Our internal statistics show that about a third of consumers will buy at least one aftersales product where they are offered digitally, so it is definitely a fertile area, especially at a time when stock shortages mean sales volumes are falling.

“In a simple yet effective manner, the videos help consumers to understand the benefits of aftersales products such as service plans and decide whether each is right for them.

“They are a key way for dealers to sell aftersales products when customers aren’t coming into the showroom or are completing more of the process online, and have proven very successful, having a measurable effect on sales.”

He added that iVendi had been using short animations to support all aspects of online vehicle sales – not just aftersales products – since 2013.

“A key part of online motor retail is that consumers require explanations of some of the products that are on offer. This is something we realised very early and introduced videos explaining options such as Personal Contract Purchase and Hire Purchase.

“These are quite widely viewed – for example, they have been watched by 6,500 car buyers so far in 2021 – and can play an important role in closing a deal.”

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