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THERE has been a return to more regional-based remarketing in recent months  according to epyx.

Usage of options in its 1link Disposal Network platform indicate that more fleets are opting to look at pricing and sales patterns on a geographical basis before deciding where to sell a vehicle.

Head of remarketing Vicky Edwards said: “This is a trend that we are seeing when our platform is used to manage disposal through physical auction sites across the country.

“The conventional wisdom has been that, in recent years, regional differences in value across the country have flattened a great deal, so that knowing where a certain type of vehicle is selling well has become less important.

“However, we have tools within our platform that allow fleets to see where, on a geographical basis, certain types of vehicle are performing most effectively based on time-to-sale and value.

“This year, we are seeing a definite increase in use of these options to send vehicles to auctions in areas where the most favourable conditions exist. Really, it is a return to a way of remarketing that fell out of favour some time ago.”

Edwards said that that the developing trend was largely due to the ease with which vehicles could now be transported as well as the quality of the data available.

epyx’s 1link Disposal Network is one of the longest-established sources of trade stock in the UK, offering a large selection of cars and vans from major leasing companies, motor manufacturers and more.


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