Karl Werner CEO MotoNovo Finance Motor Division
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MotoNovo Finance won the “Best Car Finance Provider” accolade at the Consumer Credit Awards 2017. The title was awarded following 27,218 consumers casting their vote for one of 137 nominated financial service companies. 

Karl Werner, CEO of the MotoNovo Finance Motor Division commented:“As a car finance company, we have two levels of customers to serve; our dealers and the end consumer. We have never found balancing the needs of these two groups to be an issue because we believe that the dealer plays an integral part in helping those customers who want help to explain and tailor the customer’s finance one-to-one. I’m delighted to see our approach and team recognised once again.

“Our role is to help dealers to provide the expertise and technology to help their customers to discover the finance option that suits their needs and then to help keep the dealer and customer together. It is this long-term partnership ethos that is behind our latest dealer and consumer centric innovation findandfundmycar.com. We hope that going forward, even more dealers and consumers will value our support and efforts to bring them together and keep them together.”


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