James Hill
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LOCKDOWN hit dealer business in January with new orders falling 36% and used dropping 45%, according to lead management experts at Dealerweb.

Enquiries also fell against the same month last year with new enquiries down 29% and used by 34%. However, used sale values increased by 14% on used vehicles to £20,839.

James Hill, managing director of Dealerweb, said: “The UK’s dealers have shown fantastic resilience since the first lockdown in March 2020. The focus on delivering excellent service and maximising the value of every enquiry has helped to support some relatively robust numbers throughout 2020. It seems that the combination of a third and strict lockdown in January, alongside some terrible weather, has hit consumer demand.

“In a challenging market, it is vital to follow up each enquiry in an efficient way and to ensure that the whole team can access sales data in real-time to inform commercial decisions. We find that data adds value to every business, but it has a multiplier effect when it is used across the business to drive growth.”

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