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Kia e-Niro
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KIA new e-Niro is the brand’s second electric vehicle after the Soul EV and will reach dealers from April 1 next year in a single, “feature-rich” specification at a price of £32,995 after deduction of the plug-in car grant.

The Niro has previously been available in hybrid and PHEV format with more than 11,000 sales in the UK.

The new all-electric model is equipped with a high capacity 64kWh lithium-ion polymer batter pack paired with a 201hp (150kw) motor producing an impressive 395Nm of torque. Kia does produce a lower output version, but the UK is not taking it.

Kia’s family ‘tiger-nose’ grille exists but without the need for a grille on an EV, this has been filled in and colour coded while also featuring an integrated charging port. Redesigned air intakes and new arrowhead-shaped LED daytime running lights combine with blue trim highlights.

Significantly the e-Niro boast a range of 289 miles, recently down from 301 miles following a discrepancy in the independent WLTP testing.

To help improve range and battery efficiency there regenerative braking and an Eco Driving Assistant system which will alert the driver as to the best time to lift off the accelerator and coast towards a junction.

While there is no transmission, there are paddles behind the steering wheel allowing the driver to choose between three levels of energy recuperation through the brakes.

It takes nine hours to fully charge the battery, however a fast charge takes just under one hour and will give you 80% of battery life.


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