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About 20% of Group 1 operations have been using TMC’s service
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GROUP 1 Automotive will shortly complete the roll-out of TMC’s Fuel+ service across its 52 car dealerships across the UK.

Paul Daynes, Group HR Director, said the business, whose dealership brands include Chandlers, Barons and Beadles, expects to achieve a significant cost saving due to the accuracy and visibility Fuel+ brings over vehicle usage and mileage.

Previously, Group 1 Automotive UK relied on a standalone fuel card, while employees recorded journeys in paper log books or spread sheets.

With Fuel+, each driver now has an account and records the mileage they do in each vehicle via TMC’s app or online system – whether it be test drives, deliveries or private mileage.

TMC audits each business journey and comprehensive reporting provides accurate, clear information to the management team. TMC can also offer an online ‘log book’ which provides an essential record of who was driving the car at any one time.

The Fuel+ card is accepted at over 98% of fuel stations. TMC can monitor where fuel is spent and encourage drivers to use low cost supermarkets, to minimise fuel costs.

Daynes said: “A dealership fleet is a complex operation, with a wide variety of vehicles and journey types, including company cars, demonstrators, test drives, deliveries and transfers.

“About 20% of our operations have been using TMC’s service for a little over two years and two features that stood out are the mobile app and the support.”



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