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CITROEN has revealed the first images of New C3 Aircross. New C3 Aircross shares the same design identity, promise of space, and onboard comfort as New C3, as well as the ambition to shake up the market with a competitive pricing position.

Both models are based on the same Smart Car platform allowing powertrain flexibility and cost efficiency.

New C3 Aircross undergoes a radical change and enters a new era for customers by adopting a more assertive character. New C3 Aircross offers more interior space than ever before, with seating for up to seven, a choice of engine options, and the same level of onboard comfort.

The new model incorporates Citroën’s new style language elements from the Oli concept and undergoes a radical change in attitude, transitioning from a model emphasising roundness to one that exudes a more angular, muscular, and assertive style.

New C3 Aircross is 4.39 metres long providing greater interior space, the long wheelbase is the largest in its category. This allows for more legroom for rear passengers. The design of the rear quarter panel provides a dynamic and vertical rear end, ensuring generous space for occupants in the third row.

This is a major innovation in the segment, offering the ability to comfortably accommodate up to seven people onboard with two foldable seats in the boot. New C3 Aircross is full of tricks to make family life easier by offering great usage flexibility, however, it remains very compact for easy manoeuvring and stress-free parking.

Set to be fully revealed this summer, New C3 Aircross offers a new vision of the compact European SUV in a major market. Since 2020, compact SUV sales hav epassed those of compact hatchbacks in Europe. Sales exceed 2 million registrations each year in an increasingly competitive market.

Citroën entered this market segment in 2008 with its C3 Picasso. The compact SUV category didn’t really exist then, but Citroën already offered a vehicle with a raised driving position and interior space for a functional vehicle with the unique character of a “magic box.”

The Aircross designation appeared in 2017 with C3 Aircross, which maintained benchmark practicality while adding the codes of an adventurer. In mid-2024, Citroën will unveil New C3 Aircross, which has been completely reinvented to meet the expectations of families. It has a completely new dimension with powerful, assertive styling, more space on board and modularity with the capacity to accommodate up to seven people, electrified offerings from hybrid to all-electric, and comfort and connectivity on board.



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