paul stokes
paul stokes
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CHORLEY Group has adopted GForces’ NetDirector Auto-e ecommerce as consumer attitudes towards an online buying channel change.

With 70% of buyers stating they would have considered purchasing online if it had been an option, fully embracing ecommerce is seen as an essential part of the group’s digital transformation strategy.

Chorley Group operates six dealerships and four franchises across Lancashire and Greater Manchester for Nissan, Hyundai, Kia, Fiat and MG Motors.

Adam Turner, sees ecommerce as a vital route of purchase that will provide prospective customers with greater choice.

He said: There is clearly an established market demand for automotive ecommerce. We have always been a future-focused company that wants to embrace digital.

“GForces’ NetDirector Auto-e platform and the integrated NetDirector Transact solution enables us to do that by offering choice to the buyer. When combined with other integrations, such as our fully dedicated live chat, we can now provide a buying experience that flexes to each customer’s unique preferences, even one that includes not visiting the dealership.”

The Auto-e platform enables a complete end-to-end purchase path, including guaranteed part exchange valuation, reserve online or outright purchase, finance application and instant credit decision.

With physical visits to dealerships down by half since 2016, car shopper behaviour is becoming increasingly digital. Chorley has established a dedicated digital response team to monitor and respond to each online purchase and enquiry, with the full expectation that complete online ecommerce will become more common within their business.

Paul Stokes, Head of Online Retail for GForces, said: “Consumer buying habits aren’t changing, they’ve already changed. Retailers who embrace true ecommerce are showing
their willingness to evolve alongside the market, and will be rewarded for doing so. By removing unwanted sales pressure and creating a simple, online four-step buying journey, we remove all the traditional barriers and pain points of the purchase.”


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