Opening up the tyre hotel
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EVER thought of going into the hotel business?

Not something many dealers have high on their list of priorities but there could be revenue opportunities from a special type of guest – tyres.

Following some extreme weather earlier this year, drivers are increasingly interested in winter tyres and, as a result, somewhere to store their summer ones.

Pinewood has developed a new ‘tyre hotel’ feature, promoting dealers to efficiently manage their tyre storage and servicing business, all within the DMS.

Introducing a tyre hotel service generates revenue in three key ways; selling tyres, storing tyres and cross-selling to customers – who need to bring their vehicle to the dealership at least two more times than usual, in a twelve-month period.

Neville Briggs, Managing Director at Pinewood Technologies, said: “We’re constantly investing in new ways for dealers to capture revenue. It’s a common misconception that UK drivers don’t need winter tyres.

“In reality, switching to winter tyres becomes useful when temperatures are 7 degrees and below, typical of the UK from October through to March.”

Pinewood’s tyre hotel feature gives dealers the ability to capture tyre details using an integrated tyre catalogue to generate and print contracts and invoices for the storage of tyres.

Labels can be printed and stuck to each tyre, displaying the customer it belongs to and additional details.

Customisable checklists can also be added to tyre inspections, highlighting key areas for technicians to check.



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