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BMW’S dealership in Lincoln has installed two ultra-rapid ABB Terra 360 electric vehicle chargers that can provide 62 miles of range within three minutes to set customers on their way sooner.

Soper of Lincoln has installed the chargers, which are capable of fully charging an EV in less than 15 minutes. The new units will enable Soper’s team to add 62 miles of range in less than three minutes.

Andrew Tullie, Dealer Principal at Soper Lincoln BMW, said: “Each of our two Terra 360s can fully charge four high-performance BMW i7 EVs an hour. The new chargers are helping us maintain our position as a dealership that has always invested in the latest innovative technology.”

One of the Terra 360 units at Soper of Lincoln is on the dealership forecourt, while the other is dedicated to the 15-bay service workshop. This facility is equipped with the most up-to-date technology, including the only fully automated MOT test in Lincoln. To accommodate the new chargers, the dealership upgraded its grid connection to support the 560 amps needed for each charger to operate at full power.

Now that they are live, the new ultra-rapid EV chargers will enable the dealership to support today’s electric BMWs, as well as those that are still in development. This futureproofing will help Soper build loyalty with existing customers and upcoming generations alike.

According to a recent survey by ABB for World EV Day, younger people in the UK are more than likely than the global average to want to own an electric vehicle when they are old enough.

Joe Ellwood, EV Charging Product Specialist at ABB, said: “It’s important to think ahead and ensure the right infrastructure is installed at car dealerships and other forecourts. Soper of Lincoln BMW is taking action in the wake of World EV Day 2022. Importantly, this project is also acting as a pilot for other installations of the Terra 360 ultra-rapid charger. We’re already working on projects to install Terra 360 units elsewhere in the UK, so it’s exciting to see customers using this pioneering installation at the heart of the country.”

The Terra 360 units are dual-outlet units, meaning that two vehicles can charge simultaneously using the combined charging system (CCS) connection. CCS is the standard charging solution for BMW’s range of EVs.

By mid-2023, ABB will be releasing a four-outlet version of the Terra 360 to the UK to share power between up to four vehicles at once. This will maximise return of investment for forecourts, since one unit will be able serve 90kW of power to four drivers simultaneously.

Meanwhile, for long-stay park and ride, workplace or home charging, it’s worth being aware that new legislation came into force in June 2022. Part S of the Building Regulations sets minimum standards for the number of chargers at residential and commercial developments, whereas the Electric Vehicle Smart Charge Point Regulations now make it essential for a utility to pause non-essential EV charging at times of peak power demand.

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