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Michael McVeigh
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AUTOPROTECT has launched a new partnership with the live-streaming service, Kwikcast to enhance customers’ claim journeys.

The technology adds a new level of transparency and connects policyholders and repairers to verify information. Each customer’s experience is tailored to their claim circumstances.

The level of transparency inherent within the new live-streaming approach is something that AutoProtect Group’s Chief Operating Officer, Michael McVeigh, believes will increase customer understanding and satisfaction. It will also help to accelerate the process.

He said: “Our new partnership with Kwikcast will help to de-mystify the claims process for many people. Connecting one-to-one online customers and repairers can discuss claims with us directly. By its nature, the experience is tailored for each customer, saving them time and delivering better service levels. It is a significant step forward in an environment where the focus on good customer outcomes is moving into ever sharper focus in F&I.”

Live streaming can be initiated from a simple text message sent to a customer’s mobile phone. Kwikcast, which is GDPR compliant, includes features such as live video links, screen recording and a session library of each dialogue that can be shared with underwriters and similar entities safely and securely.

AutoProtect is confident that this new service will change the landscape for claims handling and provides further evidence of the business’s commitment to innovation.

Kwikcast is currently being used across all AutoProtect Group warranty and GAP claims and will be rolled out to our SMART claims throughout the coming months.


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