26% rise in searches for online car service bookings

26% rise in searches for online car service bookings

enquiriesforOnlineServiceThere has been a 26% increase in searches for online car service bookings in the UK. That is according to online search giant Google, who included the figure in their recent Q3 2016 Market Seeker survey.

One business which is taking advantage of this change is Servicing Stop which boasts having quoted customers for more than £425 million worth of servicing and repair jobs since being set up in 2008.

To add to the Market Seeker findings, Servicing Stop commissioned Google to conduct a survey of just under 1,000 UK and US motorists. The results showed that 81% of British consumers now buy online and the penetration of online retail by Brits is 48% higher than in the US.

The service booking website also found that British motorists have the same idea when booking their car into be serviced. More than half of which will use a phone to book in their car (60%). Brits overall are 22% more likely than Americans to book through a website.

Commentating on developments, CEO and founder of online service booking website Servicing Stop, Oly Richmond said, “At Servicing Stop we support the move to digitalise the automotive industry and are already leading it online through servicing and customer interaction. As they say, watch this space.”

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