Warranty Group announces huge IT investment

Warranty Group announces huge IT investment

Car out FocusThe Warranty Group has confirmed a multi-million-pound IT investment that will speed up and enhance services provided to UK dealers and their customers.

The group’s COO, Kieron O’Toole, explained that the Global Warranty Platform – or GLoW would deliver large scale improvements to the company’s UK business.

He said: “Worldwide, this is an investment running into tens of millions of pounds and will provide us with technology that will place The Warranty Group at the cutting edge of the motor warranty sector.

“GLoW will make all aspects of warranty activity faster, easier and more effective, whether you are a dealer or manufacturer selling and administering warranties or a customer buying a warranty.

“This is especially important in the UK motor warranty sector, which is highly developed and very competitive, and where we will be able to introduce a new generation of products and services.”

Kieron concluded: “What we will have is a highly scaleable, secure and effective platform that will take TWG through the next decade or more. We are on schedule to start roll-out of GLoW to dealers in Q2 of this year.”

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