78% of Brits would travel in a driverless car

78% of Brits would travel in a driverless car

DriverlessA global survey from LeasePlan has revealed that 78% of Brits would be willing to undertake a journey in a driverless car.

The findings are based on data  collected between 22nd June and 27th July 2015, from 3,859 respondents across Europe, Australia, the USA and India. The survey has placed UK drivers fourth globally in their willingness to accept driverless car technology at (78%) after Denmark (83%), the Netherlands (83%) and Germany (81%).

The UK’s 78% figure was composed of 16% of respondents who said they were completely fine with being a passenger in a driverless vehicle, and 62% who said they would feel nervous but still try it. Least likely to embrace the technology was Greece with just 51% saying they would give the new technology a try.

Globally, 57% of those surveyed would try being a passenger in a driverless vehicle, despite feeling slightly nervous. A further 14%, predominantly male, would have absolutely no problem at all.

Lesley Slater, Business Development Director, LeasePlan UK commented: “It’s encouraging to see that in comparison to the global average, we (UK) are more likely to embrace this technology. With plans in place to test bed in Greenwich, London and other projects being given the green light in Coventry and Bristol this new technology, which was once seen as futuristic, is now looking a little nearer reality.”

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