Mobile phones causing distraction for young drivers

Mobile phones causing distraction for young drivers

roadsafe logoYoung drivers are being increasingly distracted while driving by the growing number of features on their mobile phones.

A survey by young car insurance company Ingenie, a member of Roadsafe, found that 58% of 17-25 year old drivers agree that smartphone apps are causing them to be more distracted at the wheel. Ingenie commissioned the survey of 1,000 young drivers and found that

■ Over 40% admitted to answering their phones while driving without a hands-free set

■ 44% said they had sent a text message, and 62% said they had read a message while they were driving

■ 1 in 6 male drivers under 25 has crashed due to mobile phone usage at the wheel

■ One third of under 25s who use Facebook on their phone admitted to using it whilst driving

■ 18% of under 25s who have Draw Something on their phone have played the game whilst driving – 17% for Angry Birds

■ Hands-free kits encourage 53% more young drivers to make longer calls at the wheel (longer than 5 minutes)

Commenting on the results, ingenie founder and CEO Richard King said: "We're in the middle of a perfect storm, where the rapid growth of social media and mobile is creating a new breed of in-car distraction. We're increasingly using smartphones to occupy ourselves during down time, but driving is an active pursuit and it really does need our full attention. As well as not texting or making calls, we should all pledge not to tweet, update our status or be tempted by anything else our phone has to offer whilst driving."

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