Mazda3 for part-time police

Mazda3 for part-time police

special constablesMazda UK has supplied the Metropolitan Police Service with a Mazda3 for use by Special Constables in Bexley.

This gives the 80-strong team of Special Constables, which is set to almost double in size in the coming months, their own dedicated car to aid high visibility policing and crime reduction in the London borough.

Ann Mansfield, Metropolitan Special Constabulary, Bexley, said: "There is a limited fleet of police vehicles available which meant that our Special Constables usually had to walk or travel on public transport to get around the Borough.

"Mazda's generosity in providing the car means that officers can patrol a greater area and the vehicle can be used to drop off and collect Special Constables who support operational policing within a matter of minutes in crime 'hot-spot' areas."

While the Mazda3 1.6 Takuya five-door is seen daily on the streets of Bexley, it has also made a special trip across London to Buckingham Palace. It took Special Constable Sergeant Gurcharan Singh Dhesi to receive his MBE in recognition of 38 years service accompanied by Ms Mansfield.

She added: "The car is invaluable in enabling the Special Constables to meet their policing objectives. It is very spacious - particularly with regards to rear passenger space - and can accommodate five officers comfortably."

The Mazda3 will continue to patrol the streets of Bexley with the volunteer Special Constables until June when it will have completed a 12-month tour of duty.

Supplied by Mazda Bourne Road Garage in Crayford which also services and maintains the car, the vehicle further cements a relationship between Mazda UK and the Metropolitan Police Service, which currently also sees a Mazda5 being used by the St Andrews Safer Neighbourhood Team in Havering. Mazda UK has supplied a number of vehicles to the Team for five years, which have proved invaluable in keeping down crimes of all types.

Mazda Sales Director Peter Allibon said: "Working with the police in Bexley and other areas further improves the visibility of the Mazda brand. We are delighted that the Special Constables in the borough find the Mazda3 to be a practical and comfortable car in the same way as many of our Fleet and Retail customers do."

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