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AUTOMOTIVE Transformation Group has unveiled Fusion to accelerate its customers’ journey to omnichannel.

The suite of products will offer consumers a seamless, personalised experience across multiple channels and will harness the connected power of the NetDirector software, proprietary data, and an array of third-party integrations to deliver a true, end-to-end omnichannel experience.

Over the past 5 years, consumer demand has evolved rapidly. Covid-19 catalysed the significance of ecommerce within the car-buying journey. However, as the memories of showroom lockdowns fade, it’s clear that online sales now only represent a fraction of total transactions.

According to Automotive Transformation Group Business Intelligence, when assessing online payment methods, they found that 86% of online transactions in 2022 were reservations, demonstrating an overwhelming consumer preference to complete a transaction in-store.  What’s critical now is that the handover between the online and in-store journey is seamless, making omnichannel more than just a buzzword but instead, a necessity for any organisation wanting to succeed in the face of rapid evolution.

The automotive industry has trailed behind other sectors when it comes to providing that seamless transition from online to in-store. Whether that be due to the franchise market structure, the complexity of the vehicle as a product or legacy technology as a driver for a lot of retail processes, it has meant a disjointed customer experience. Too often the sales process is interrupted as consumers transition from one channel to another. This results in a lack of visibility for Retailers and OEMs, who without a comprehensive overview of leads, cars, and sales, find it difficult to identify and respond to risks.

Fusion is derived from an amalgamation of art and science and a culmination of years of technological development and strategic design. With Automotive Transformation Group’s NetDirector software acting as its foundation, it represents a holistic approach to automotive omnichannel retailing and offers consumers a consistent experience, regardless of whether they are browsing for vehicles online or using digital displays in a physical environment.

Fusion allows consumers to perform a transaction on a Retailer’s website using the same tools as they would inside a showroom for a truly frictionless experience. It prioritises personalisation to ensure the sales process is picked up from where it was left, irrespective of device or location. It also serves consumers their next vehicle at the right time for them, in line with their individual aspirations, ownership habits and financial situation, automating and maximising consumer loyalty while minimising the cost of acquisition.

Fusion is a family of NetDirector products and services, seamlessly integrated and easily accessible from any device at any time. Delivered through a SaaS subscription, it offers consumers a new way to search and buy, while simultaneously offering Retailers a new way to acquire, convert and retain.

Automotive Transformation Group customers can host a 24-hour shopfront, manage vehicles, process orders, standardise branding, send personalised upgrade offers and so much more. Through a fully connected user account and next-generation QR technology, consumers can browse at their own pace, taking their preferences with them from channel to channel, so there is no need to start from scratch.

This ultimately breaks down the barriers associated with each touchpoint, allowing for complete visibility of the sales process to increase lead generation and operational efficiency.


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