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 AS the lock-down continues, MotoNovo has taken a positive step to extend the validity of its finance acceptances to 60 days from the usual 30 days.

It is a move designed to help dealers to take customer reservations ready for the time when the car sales return to the normal collection/delivery routine.

MotoNovo Deputy CEO Karl Werner said: “The lock-down has seen a huge rise in online car buyer interest on our findandfundmycar used car marketplace and we are keen to help them and their chosen dealer.

“Now, car buyers can reserve their car of choice with our finance, confident that their acceptance will be valid when the lock-down period ends.

“On another positive note, we are continuing to provide finance through the lock-down for essential or key workers as defined by government guidance.”

This latest move by MotoNovo is part of a broad range of consumer and dealer support initiatives and tools developed by the business.



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