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AUTOMOTIVE Compliance and Pinewood have integrated their systems to simplify data input and prevent mistakes.

Paul Guy, Managing Director of Automotive Compliance, said: “This integration is a double win for automotive dealers, not only removing the frustrations of double keying customer data, but there is a compliance benefit too.

“Too often we have seen the repetitive entry of the same data leading to keying mistakes which can have serious consequences with finance documents or insurance policy registrations.”

Guy said there have also been regulatory complaints involving wrong information on a policy. In some of the more serious cases, the insurance provider has disputed cover leaving the motor dealer culpable.

One point of entry for customer details during the sales process will minimise mis-keying errors. Guy added: “Earlier this year we integrated with our core panel of product suppliers for GAP and Smart Insurance, to include policy registration.

“Integration with Pinewood DMS closes the final gap in a dealer’s process, with the customer data flowing from initial enquiry through to sale, demands and needs, finance approval and registration of add on insurance products.”


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