Warranty Group sees opportunity in used diesel cars

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The Warranty Group says that maintaining customer interest in used diesel cars could be a facilitated by the provision of suitable warranty products.

Rich Green, CEO, UK and Europe, said: “The overall UK car parc will remain predominantly diesel for many years to come, even as consumer sentiment changes, and used car retailers need to find ways to maintain interest in these vehicles, especially looking 5-10 years into the future.

“The key to doing this will be to build a convincing proposition around diesel cars and the warranty is likely to be the cornerstone of this, as with any used car proposition.” Green suggests that warranty products would be adapted to suit the used diesel car market of the future, especially when it came to addressing concerns over emissions.

“We have already created warranty products this year to take account of diesel technology, covering components such as diesel particulate filters, and there are likely to be further moves in this direction.

“What we believe will happen is that the warranty will become a key element in maintaining the attractiveness of diesel vehicles to the increasingly niche market in which they are likely to sit. For example, this may include drivers who value fuel economy and reliability but rarely enter cities that will be affected by any future air quality measures.

Green concluded: “Used car buyers will need to feel that their diesel car remains a sound and viable purchase, whatever the general market sentiment surrounding those vehicles.”


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