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BMW and Mini dealer, Specialist Cars who have sites in Stevenage, Luton and Tring, has worked with midlands technology firm Cooper solutions to migrate the dealership’s old DMS (Dealer Management System) to the new CDK Drive system.

As part of the move, Specialist Cars have access to Cooper’s FullForecast, FullCover and FullAppraisal systems.

Talking about what they have done, Clive James, Finance Director for Specialist Cars, said “We have been utilising FullForecast for over a decade, and it revolutionised our business from the outset. To this day, it continues to deliver a level of forecasting and accounting that is superior to any alternative solution on the market. So when the time came to switch to a new DMS solution, it was crucial for us to be able to continue benefiting from its real-time financial reporting. Any sustained interruption would have had a significant impact on the business and our daily operations.”

James adds, “More than just a provider of technology solutions, Cooper Solutions understands motor retailing, delivering bespoke, dedicated services that cater to our needs, which strategically support our business. This is why Cooper Solutions continues to be a first choice partner for Specialist Cars.”

Speakingfor Cooper Solutions, the firm’s General Manager Andrew Whicher, said “This successful migration builds on our long-standing relationship of over 14 years. Not only were we able to ensure the smooth, consistent operation of our solutions which Specialist Cars rely upon daily, we were perfectly placed as a consultant to assist them in the mapping of thousands of accounting codes that enabled quick and easy reconciliation of accounts, whilst retaining prior year information. This was only achievable because at Cooper Solutions we have a team of passionate motor industry specialists, working with dealers to maximise the benefits of today’s technology in building business profitability, alongside customer loyalty and retention.”


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