Meridian doubles income

M Phil Jerome
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The fleet firm, Meridian Vehicle Solutions, has more than doubled its income during the second year of operation.

Meridian now has more than 250 cars on rental at any one time and plans to increase its overall fleet to 400 units during 2018. The firm acts as a supplier to major leasing companies, essentially working as a sub contractor offering a range of semi-prestige and prestige vehicles on a 3-6 month basis.

Phil Jerome, managing director, said: “Medium term rental is not really an established product in the fleet portfolio, so we are essentially just one of a handful of companies creating a new market, and we are very pleased with the progress being made.

“What we find is that where awareness of medium term rental exists, fleets can immediately see applications for it, whether for employees on short term contracts, to fill in for delays in ordered vehicles or more. It’s all about making more people aware.”

With this in mind Phil says the firm is looking to build its customer base, “Certainly, one of our tasks for 2018 is to put together a new business team of our own.”


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