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With an eye on the forthcoming introduction of clean air zones in Britain’s cities, the automotive data provider, hpi, has launched a free online tool to check the Euro emissions rating of a vehicle.

The move comes as RAC survey data confirmed that 38% of motorists had not heard of the Euro Emission Standard classification system, while 64% of those who had were unsure in what category their vehicle fitted.

The lack of consumer awareness is a pressing issue as a £10 toxicity T-Charge has been introduced in central London for vehicles which do not meet the Euro 4 standard. Local councils across the country are likely to follow suit as the government looks to improve the UK’s air pollution statistics.

Fernando Garcia, consumer director at hpi, said: “The changing legislation around vehicle emissions can give motorists a real headache and leave them out of pocket. Our new online check is completely free and allows motorists to check the emissions standard of their vehicle and potentially avoid a fine.”

The vehicle Euro Emission Standard checker can be found at the following link: https://www.hpi.co.uk/content/newsroom/the-future-of-diesel/euro-emission-standards-explained/


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