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Allianz Worldwide Partners in the UK has confirmed a forthcoming portfolio of telematics based services aimed to deliver data-rich and predictive digital solutions for motorists.

The Allianz Worldwide Partners Group has confirmed the UK and Ireland will be two of the first regions to utilize the new services. It expects to expand its portfolio of manufacturer-branded roadside assistance and warranty schemes, to offer services like crash alerts, theft prevention and stolen vehicle tracking, as well as concierge and remote services, including vehicle unlocking.

Lee Taylor, Chief Sales Officer for Allianz Worldwide Partners in the UK, commented, “The ultimate aim of the Allianz Worldwide Partners Group is to be able to offer a suite of products across the EU and wider European area. We will still focus on offering vehicle breakdown and emergency assistance services as our primary services, otherwise known across the industry as bCall and eCall, but expanding our offering means we can deliver a complementary group of services for manufacturers and their customers.”

While being conscious of the data privacy issues at stake, Taylor says the new services will be to the consumer’s benefit, “Technology is improving rapidly, and vehicle ‘Big Data’ is already enabling manufacturers to obtain greater knowledge of how their products are being used and their customer’s driving behaviours. Whilst data security and privacy concerns need to be addressed, the ability to pull and push information to vehicles could effectively provide customers with their own on-board assistance technician. By using a rich variety of information we have the opportunity to ultimately offer predictive maintenance, thereby providing a more customized technician and supplier service, increasing further our fix rate for our clients and their customers.

Lee Taylor concluded, “Crucially, these exciting developments focus on helping us deliver a richer experience for consumers, throughout the ownership of their vehicles, and in turn building longer term customer loyalty and retention for our manufacturer clients.”


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