Female drivers most likely to buy electric cars

Female drivers most likely to buy electric cars

Leaf 15Female drivers most likely to buy electric cars New research from online motor retailer, BuyaCar.co.uk, suggests that women are more open than men to the idea of buying a fully electric car – but they are less confident about knowing where to charge one.

The survey of 983 people conducted by BuyaCar.co.uk asked ‘If the price of an electric car was the same as a petrol or diesel, would you buy one?’ 28% of people said they would. But among women the figure rose to 35.4%.

Austin Collins, Managing Director of BuyaCar.co.uk commented,“It used to be ‘range anxiety’ that most worried would-be electric car drivers. But our research now suggests that it is price parity with conventional cars that would tempt many more people into the market – and especially women.”

The research found that women are also less likely to rule out buying an electric vehicle in the future, with 13% of men saying they ‘definitely would not’ compared with just six per cent of women.But when it comes to knowing where they would be able to charge their car, 29% say they have ‘no idea’ where they could charge an EV. For women, though, that figure rose to 41%.

Austin Collins says: “What’s interesting about these new figures is the difference between men and women in terms of openness to the idea of buying an all-electric car, despite women being less confident about knowing where to charge one.

“We think issues like that will resolves themselves naturally, though, sales continue to increase and more people come to understand how to manage an EV through word of mouth from work colleagues, friends and family.

“Although they’re still a niche product, the latest figures show that electric car sales have been quietly growing fast. For example, in May this year sales of pure electric cars were 79% up on the same month last year and the year to date figure was an impressive 46% higher than the same period in 2016.”