Used car buyers prioritize Warranty and MoT benefits

Used car buyers prioritize Warranty and MoT benefits

RAC DriverA new survey of 1,989 motorists for the RAC Dealer Network has found that 82% of people place Warranty and MoTs benefits at the top of their list when buying a used car.


These factors came out ahead of having the car prepared to a high standard (76%) and reassurance that the dealer conforms to a recognised code of practice (56%). Surprisingly, have a money-back guarantee only ranked at 57%.  Of lesser importance were: valet and free tank of fuel (28%), free breakdown cover (19%) and drive-away insurance (15%).

Sean Kent, sales director, RAC Dealer Network, said: "These findings paint a very clear picture, showing the shape of the used car market in 2017, where motorists are looking to buy from the most credible and trustworthy source available to them.

“They are interested in a range of benefits that provide them with as much reassurance as possible. A warranty and MoT are the most obvious and probably most useful part of this package but other factors such as belonging to a code of practice are also popular.

“This is very much the direction in which the RAC Dealer Network has been moving in recent years, providing comprehensive used car propositions such as RAC BuySure and working withorganisations such as the Chartered Institute of Trading Standards.”

The survey probed motorists as to why they would not buy from an independent dealer.  Top of the list was that they were worried about pre-existing mechanical issues (67%), while 38% didn’t trust independents,  31% said that the package offered wasn’t good enough.

Sean added: “One of the moves we have been making in the last year is to provide customers with ways in which to review our dealers online. We see this as a crucial way to build credibility and trust over time.”