Motorists need convincing when it comes to car sharing

Motorists need convincing when it comes to car sharing

Car park MTNVehicle servicing website Servicing Stop think that emerging forms of car sharing and shared car ownership could offer an environmentally friendly alternative to owning a car, however a recent survey has found that there is some way to go to get motorists interested in the idea, with less than a quarter saying they are willing to give it a go.

Surveying 1,337 motorists, Servicing Stop, found that 50% of motorists cannot afford to buy a new or used car as they do not have the savings or income to fund it. A further 11% of motorists are put off purchasing a new car due to increasing insurance premiums and the fact they are even higher for newer drivers or more expensive models.

Almost half of motorists surveyed said they would not trust someone else with their car, and just over a quarter said they would not want to share something that is so expensive - It may be their prize possession or too much responsibility to borrow another’s’.

While some motorists clearly need warming up to the idea, 18% said it would give them extra income as a car owner which seemed attractive and another 10% said it would utilise the car and make more use out of it.

Talking about the issue, CEO and founder of Servicing Stop, Oly Richmond, said, “Car sharing on the surface seems like quite a student-like idea or something that usually happens with an older teenager and a parent to save money on both a new vehicle and insurance. Shared ownership can also kill two birds with one stone, essentially helping to lower C02 emissions and save motorists money. This is an idea already taking off in Australia, and while just under a quarter of motorists are considering it today, in time I think we could see the idea of shared ownership really take off.”