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Just like every vehicle, trucks need to be regularly serviced to ensure every part is working correctly and there are no potential safety issues. According to the HSE, inspection, maintenance and repair are crucial aspects of vehicle safety at work. Keeping on top of frequent checks will also help meet on-time deliveries and contribute to a successful business.

We’ll take a look at some of the main tools that are required to repair a truck and that can help get the vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible, as well as ways to maintain it.

Tools and equipment 

As well as the usual vehicle repair tools such as sockets sets, spanners, wheel guns and jacks, there is also some specialised equipment that’s likely to be required when carrying out such tasks. Wheel chocks, specific chain wrenches and HGV crankshafts and rotators are just some of the specialist tools that a truck mechanic will need. These are designed specifically for larger, commercial vehicles which usually consist of heavier parts.


Most garages will be able to pinpoint any issues on modern trucks using their diagnostic tools and machines, meaning repairs can be carried out quickly and efficiently. However, it’s also worth getting input from the driver to ensure the actual cause is addressed and not just the obvious issue, otherwise, the vehicle could be back in the garage a couple of hundred miles later.

Intelligent software is able to assess the entire truck and each component, enabling a thorough check and a targeted diagnosis. Most professional garages will use this type of equipment when faced with a truck that’s in need of repair.


As well as regular oil checks, it’s a good idea to keep the exterior as clean as possible to prevent damage from road debris and dust. Tyres should be checked for the correct tread and to ensure they’re in good condition, helping to prevent bigger issues down the line.

Daily walkaround checks are recommended by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency to maintain roadworthiness and safety.

Professional services

The recommended times for servicing will depend on the model, size and age of the truck but they’re usually required each time the vehicle completes another 10,000 to 20,000 miles. This will include a basic check of lights, brakes, oil, water and other fluids. More thorough checks are required at around 30,000 miles which are likely to include the basics plus alignment, electrics and fuel filter changes.



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