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Mini Cooper
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A few weeks ago, I was looking at some of the classic cars near me, and I was deeply impressed by a lot of them.

But sometimes, you don’t want something big and flashy that everyone is going to look at. All you want is a small, reliable car. One that gets you from A to B, and is relatively easy to park.

Here are my top 4 small cars.


  • Mini Cooper


If you’re looking for a car that strikes the balance between compact and comfortable, you should look into finding a Mini Cooper for sale. These cars are known for being the cars of the working man (or woman) as they’re economically efficient (with an average MPG of about 20), easy to drive, and small enough to fit in most parking spaces.

And if you’re concerned about the environment, the Mini Cooper is now available in electric.


  • Ford Fiesta


Ford is a bit of a strange company. 

Most car manufacturers will have a specific type that they do. Ferrari make sports cars, VW make family cars, Range Rover make off-road cars.

But Ford does everything. Mustang, Ranger Raptor, but if you’re after something small and convenient, a great choice would be the Ford Fiesta.

These cars can come in 3 door (ideal for people who live alone or with just one other person), or 5 door (great for people with small families).

The Fiesta first came on the market in 1976, and ever since then, Ford has worked hard to make it more efficient and easier to drive.


  • Nissan Micra


Another car that has been on the market for a long time, but with new models coming out constantly, is the Nissan Micra.

The Nissan Micra is the kind of car that you can drive when you’re an 18-year-old college student or a 32-year-old working person. And the bright colours that they often come in make them super easy to find in car parks filled with black and silver cars.

It’s not just me saying this, data shows that Nissan Micras are considered more reliable than a lot of other cars in a similar category.


  • VW Polo


The final car on our list is the VW Polo.

Again, this car is small enough to be able to park with relative ease, but it’s still got more than enough room to make the driver and the passengers comfortable.

The average VW will have an average MPG of 51. Making it one of the more fuel-efficient cars on the market. This will save you money, and help with your carbon footprint.

It’s a car that does what it’s designed to do, with none of the pointless bells and whistles.


  • Conclusion


Getting a nice car can make you feel like a billion dollars. You want people to look at what you drive, and have their jaws on the floor. But sometimes, that’s not what you need.

All you need is something easy to drive, easy to park, and fuel-efficient.



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