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THERE are a number of reasons why you might want to buy a car from auction.

Some people buy them as their main car, some want to find a cheap second car for their family. Other people see car auctions as an investment opportunity and of course, there are those that buy the cars that are not salvageable, to break them down for parts. 

When it comes to taking parts from auction cars, what are the most common ones that people will save? 

Starter motor and the engine

It is no secret that one of the most expensive parts of your car to repair and replace is your engine, however, the trouble is, the engine is one thing that your car simply cannot do without.

This means that the engine is one of the most commonly salvaged parts taken from a car. In order to do this, you will need to make sure that the car has not been in a crash that could have damaged the engine and instead is a seized car, that has a perfectly intact engine for you to use. 

Brake components

Brakes are something that your car needs and there are no two ways about it. Because your brakes are always used, they are put under a vast amount pressure, which leads to corrosion of the components.

For every 10,000 miles you will be likely to need to replace a variety of brake components, such as the cylinders and the calipers.

However, the brake pads on the car will need to be replaced even sooner than that, often around the 60,000 mile mark, or even lower if you drive through a city as this will mean that you rely on your brakes a lot more than those who travel through a rural setting. 

Air filter

In order for your engine to work the best that it can, it needs to be free of both dust and dirt. This means that your car needs a good quality air filter in order to keep things going.

It is a good idea to replace the air filter in your car around every 40,000 miles, however, if you drive on dirty roads, or roads that kick up a lot of dust, then you may find that this needs to be even sooner. 


You are going to change the gears in your car on a daily basis, which means that the friction of changing gear will mean that your clutch will wear down over time.

Your clutch needs replacing around the 100,000 mile mark, however or some drivers this can be sooner, although this will really depend on your own driving behaviours. 

Oil filter and fuel pump

It is all too easy to overlook the need to change your oil in your car, however, every 4000 miles you need to make sure that you replace your oil, else you could end up causing some damage to your car in the long run.

Along with this you need to change your fuel pump and your oil filter, although this is something that usually needs to happen around the 5 year mark. 

As you can see, there is so much that you can take from a car that may seem like it cannot be saved. Especially when you think that you can get yourself a bargain by checking out a car auction. 

Want to buy a car from auction to strip down for parts? If you do, then check out A dedicated online auction site, you will find a variety of cars, all of which are in different conditions, from just like new, to being needed to be used for parts. 


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