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Hypercar manufacturer Koenigsegg has opened a dedicated outlet for the Swedish brand’s cars in Central London.

Koenigsegg describes the opening of what is being described as the brand’s flagship facility, at 375 Kensington High Street, as a significant milestone in Koenigsegg’s global expansion strategy.

The Koenigsegg London boutique showroom is intended to offer a unique and immersive experience to the brand’s clients. Various models from the Koenigsegg range will be on display with a team of specialists to help intending buyers configure individual colours, materials and performance options for their purchase.

The new showroom is co-owned by Darren McDermott and James Walker, who describe the opening as a proud moment, “London is the ultimate destination for the purchase and aftercare of these amazing hypercars and we look forward to welcoming our clients to the Kensington showroom and joining us on this exciting journey,” McDermott said.

“This marks a significant milestone for us, and it’s an absolute honour to represent a brand as prestigious and innovative as Koenigsegg – the opportunity to bring Koenigsegg to central London is not just a business achievement for us, it’s a personal dream come true,” Walker added.

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