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Martin Potter
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VAUXHALL’S Corsa-e hatchback is currently the most sought after used car in the wholesale market according to Aston Barclay’s July’s desirability index.

It has come from nowhere to top the desirability charts and confirms retail motorists have an increased appetite for EVs which is fuelling wholesale dealer demand.

Aston Barclay identifies the most desirable used cars each month by using three key metrics: web views prior to sale, number of physical and online bids per sale and the sale price achieved as a percentage of CAP Average

The BMW 1-series made the July index in third place for the first time and the SmartForTwo in fifth place while the BMW i3 in 11th place is the only other EV keeping the Corsa-e company.

The demand for premium SUVs and saloons remains high with the BMW X5 in second place and the Mercedes-Benz GLE in fourth with the BMW 5 series and Volvo XC90 also in the mix. Dealers are still only buying higher value used cars to order which means fierce competition for the more desirable cars when they go under the hammer.

Many lower value used cars made the July index as drivers look to make their next purchase against a backdrop of falling retail confidence. The Mitsubishi Outlander, Renault Scenic, Toyota CH-R and Hyundai Kona all appeared in the index for the first time.

“The used market is currently split into two camps, the higher value used cars that are being bought by dealers to order and the everyday used cars including smaller EVs that comprise the mainstay of a dealer’s forecourt stock,” said Martin Potter, Aston Barclay’s Chief Customer Officer.

“The Corsa-e, MG ZS, BMW i3 and the 1-Series all fall into the latter camp which keeps dealer stock turn moving,” he added.

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