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DEALERS can fight the impact of rising inflation by using new technology to reduce their operating costs for business transaction systems by up to 50%, according to new data from Digital INNK.

The technology company has seen its ViSN platform achieve significant savings against other leading service providers.

ViSN uses intelligent network allocation to ensure vehicles reach the most appropriate supplier. While menu and catalogue pricing functionality allows users and suppliers to load customer-specific pricing agreements.

Angela Montacute, CEO of Digital INNK, said: “Dealers are facing pressure on margins as the effects of inflation start to hit their operations. We designed the ViSN platform to help dealers work more efficiently, and early trials show savings of up to 50% against leading competitors.

“Digital transformation has accelerated through the pandemic, and companies across multiple sectors are benefiting from greater efficiencies thanks to the deployment of cloud-based platforms.”

The company also recently announced the integration of HaynesPro OE SMR data into its platform to support an automatic authorisation tool that will save time and improve the accuracy of repair estimation.

The integrated system offers enhanced levels of automation that can be configured in real-time by the user. In addition, with up to 99% repair coverage and vehicle-specific repair times catalogues, it ensures the labour time is always correct for the vehicle.

Users of the ViSN platform have access to granular management information that ranges from live statistics to enhanced vehicle off-road reporting to capture downtime.

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