Offer customers a good route and decent time in the car
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CUSTOMERS want to test drive before buying, but are dealers giving them enough time in the car and is a run around the block sufficient?

Coachworks Consulting said the test drive is an increasingly important part of the sales process and with buyers expected to test more cars than before, it has to be experiential for them, according to managing director Karl Davis.

Here are his five tips for a better test drive:

  • Make sure test routes are tailored to how the car will be used by customers.
  • Take time to find out about the customer’s typical usage and factor that into a test route. When you’re expecting a customer to commit a significant amount of money to a purchase it’s not good enough to offer a 15 minute test drive around the block.
  • Offer customers a good mix of roads on a route planned, where possible, to include town and country driving. If the customer does a lot of motorway driving then this, or a dual carriageway, should be included as well.”
  • The best dealers are achieving high conversion rates from test drives because they put some thought into the routes and are prepared to invest the time and effort into doing them properly.
  • A test drive is an opportunity for sales staff to build a relationship with the customer, develop a better understanding of their specific needs and demonstrate features such as park assist which some customers may not have used before.


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