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Snows group has upgraded its website to recognise increased smartphone browsing.

The southern based group, which operates 42 franchise dealerships, nine used car outlets and five Solus franchised service centres, was prompted to redevelop its web offering in response to data showing that samartphone browsing has overtaken tablets, laptops and desktops. Snows Group’s own data shows that its website in September 2017 saw nearly 49% of traffic from mobiles, just over 28% from desktops and nearly 23% with tablets. The upgrade to the site has delivered a 39% improvement in load time and expects to achieve a 35% increase in conversion as customers stay online to buy.

Stephen Snow, Group Chairman, said: “We know that fast website loading speed is essential on smartphones – online customers understandably click away in frustration if there is a delay of just seconds. High-speed broadband networks, increased 4G mobile network coverage and sophisticated smartphones mean we can now provide customers with a showroom experience from the comfort of their lounge sofa or on the move.”

Kimberley Cole, Group Marketing Manager, said: “We had a long hard look under the bonnet of our previous website – it no longer did justice to the way our tech-savvy customers browse online. We now have a website that is more than just ‘responsive’; it is mobile first. We now build web pages for mobile, focusing purely on the core content, with the option to restrict additional content for desktop-only visitors.

“As well as incorporating search tools, which are optimised for touch interfaces, we increased the website focus on what customers told us they expect to see displayed – videos of vehicles and easy-to-understand finance packages.”

GForces, a leader in providing digital technology, marketing, and consultancy services to the automotive industry, developed the new website in close collaboration with Snows. Kim added: “Our new mobile-first ethos also led to a wholesale change in our Used Car section, one of the most widely used areas of our site. We’ve simplified that too, stripping away content which did not add to the user experience. Whilst we’re pleased with the results, we won’t be parking up. You have to constantly adapt in the motor retail sector’s fast-paced world of e-commerce.”

Snows has dealerships across the South, including in Berkshire, Surrey, Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Dorset, Wiltshire and the West Country. Itemploys nearly 800 people.


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