JCT600 invest £2m in Mercedes-Benz Harrogate redevelopment

JCT600 invest £2m in Mercedes-Benz Harrogate redevelopment

JCT600JCT600 Merc Harrogate has confirmed that a £2m redevelopment project is underway at Mercedes-Benz Harrogate.

JCT600, who acquired the dealership in April 2015, says the work will extend to a full refurbishment to create a larger modern, environmentally-friendly showroom.  The group expects the project to be complete by November 2017.

The decision to invest in new facilities was taken on the back of 33% growth in sales of new and used vehicles in the group’s short period of ownership.  The new facility will include low cost and sustainable energy initiatives including a ‘smart’ wireless energy management system and LED lighting.

The completed project will deliver an eight car showroom for new vehicles including a dedicated handover lounge, plus capacity for 65 pre-owned vehicles externally.  Customer facilities will include an internet café, dedicated after sales lounge and a specially designed kids zone with iPads and game station.

Mark Taylor, Jct600 property director, commented: “Since acquiring the Mercedes-Benz dealership two years ago, we’ve seen huge growth in the business and this re-development will enable us to expand and improve the facilities available for our customers in line with the latest Mercedes-Benz ‘boutique-style’ showroom design. 

“As part of our commitment to being as eco-friendly as possible, the new building will include the latest sustainability features such as LED lighting and a smart building management system.  The first phase of development on the outside works is now well underway with the second phase to refurbish the interior of the dealership due to start in mid June.

Mark concluded: “As well as safeguarding the jobs of our 44-strong team at Mercedes-Benz Harrogate, our investment will also enable us to further grow the business with more jobs likely to be created with the continued expansion of the brand.”