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A Devon based start-up has launched a new online consumer review scheme, known as The Feedback Scheme designed to handle complaints for car dealerships as well as other types of service businesses such as pubs, hotels and restaurants.


Talking about what they are aiming to do, the business’s founder Jamie Snape said, “Until now every dealership group was forced to setup its own feedback website which they print hopefully on the bottom of their invoices, and many independent dealers simply don’t have one. If the customer does decide to visit a feedback site they tend to be greeted by long questionnaires which often just go to a head-office administrator, and that’s not really what the consumer wants. If unhappy with service or aftercare, especially with a big ticket purchase such as their car, a customer wants to be able to quickly and easily communicate this to the local manager within the dealership, and have them action change on the ground. Now with Feedback Scheme it’s possible, one familiar website at www.feedbackscheme.com to communicate complaints to car dealerships and indeed other types of businesses right across the UK, and for management it allows them for the first time to compare how complaints are handled across all of their locations.”


To use the scheme, customers go online (to the feedback scheme’s website) and enter the name of a dealership and its location and then give feedback in their own words. Rather than being posted publically or presented as a score, the comments are confidentially sent direct to the local dealership manager. The customer can then monitor when their feedback has been read, and receive a response, all the while keeping their own email address confidential if desired.

feedback-screenSnape adds, “When you stop and think about it, you would never dream of posting a negative online comment about a dealership where a friend or family member worked, because you know it would cause damage. You would simply feedback your experience to help them improve things, and now people can do the same for the dealership owners and managers they don’t know. Many consumers who are upset about service will have valid reasons to be so. From this week though if they see that the dealership is a Feedback Scheme member, they will know that they are really open to hearing negative views, indeed welcome them so they can improve their business.”

The firm is hoping that the Feedback Scheme will be used by the majority of car dealerships within 24 months of launch. The cost to dealerships to join the scheme is £71.88+VAT per location.

Snape concludes by saying, “I fully expect Feedback Scheme membership will quickly become something people just expect to see from any quality UK car dealership, as put simply it will demonstrate they actually care about what their customers think, and that they will want to quickly rectify any problems locally.”


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