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The RAC Approved Network has targeted an additional 100 dealers for in 2017.  If achieved the newcomers would bring the used car network to atotal of 370 sites.

Sean Kent, director, corporate and independent dealers atThe Warranty Group, the RAC’s partner in the dealer sector, said: “The network is based around the RAC BuySure used car proposition, which is the most comprehensive offering of its kind, offering a very high level of reassurance and protection for customers.

“We expect the BuySure approach to fit well with the mood of the 2017 car market and therefore, for interest to grow further. Against a general economic outlook that is more downbeat, we believe that more and more consumers will be looking for a used car purchase that, as far as possible, minimises the risk of unexpected expense.

“Similarly, we believe that there will be growing interest from a growing number of dealers seeking a way of differentiating themselves from their competitors in what is likely to be a more competitive used car sector. Association with the RAC, among the most trusted of all UK brands, is an ideal way of doing this.”

RAC recently increased in the number of agents promoting the initiative (14 were added, bringing the total to 50) with a view to enlarging the network and achieving the goal of selling 35,000 cars in 2017. 

Sean Kent concluded: “One key factor to underline is that we only ever recruit to the network if we can get exactly the right quality of dealer, so we will only meet our increased 2017 target if we get the kind of applications we want. It is all about ensuring that our standards stay high.


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